Sunday, June 24, 2012

Catchin' Air

So yesterday I went as a backup photographer to help my lil'sis (pictured) for an event/happening staged by the wonderful people who employ her as part of Femei pe Matasari. It was crowded and hot, but with a nice vibe to it. Beer was had. Music was listened to. Red polka-dotted umbrellas were donned by yours truly to protect said yours truly and his photo gear from the scorching heat (it a was tripod job, and 14:00 doesn't give you nor shade nor mercy) - and with cameras all around some of my mary-poppins-ish poses are bound to end up somewhere. Brace for it.

THe job was getting people to don wings and jump on a trampoline while having the heck shot out of them in the name of hand-made craft items - and those will go on the relevant page here - but I also got a little use out of the X100 as well.

P.S. : Rahat, am uitat ca blogul asta era in romana. Ceea ce arata cat de activ e in mintea mea.

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